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04 November 2020, 03:30 AM

AAIF Global - Using AI to identify care talent quickly and effectively - Leveraging behavioural science to improve hiring outcomes, Australia

A talk by Mr Ryan Ng
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, TalentIdentify

Speaker expertise

Ryan is a workforce psychologist with a background in education, technology, organisational behaviour, and research in the fields of personality, negotiation, and neuropsychology. He is passionate about applying contemporary behavioural science through a holistic and strengths-based lens to deliver deeper insights that enable smarter people decisions everyday. Ryan is on a mission to drive individual and collective fulfilment, through helping clients to identify their unique people challenges and get to success on their own terms.

Have you ever worked with someone who seems to have all the required skills, but somehow, you just can’t get them to care, perform or cooperate? The problem is personality - one of those things that everyone knows is important, but struggle to identify accurately. So, how do we quickly assess critical traits that are hard to see, in order to hire talent that will stay and perform?

Leveraging AI and behavioural science, we now have the option of equipping ourselves with better tools that help quickly, objectively, and more fairly conduct behavioural interviews on-demand, providing us with much needed insight about how someone would perform in a job before you hire them.