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16 November 2020, 06:30 AM

AAIF Global - Forward Living: A Nordic inspired new residential care model in HK, Hong Kong SAR

A talk by Ms Stephanie Law
Managing Director, Culture Homes & Forward Living

Speaker expertise

Stephanie Law is the Managing Director of CTL Group and Culture Homes, a leading integrated aged care product and service provider in Hong Kong that offers elderly homes, elderly living community, retail and distribution of lifestyle and rehabilitation products, experience center for smart aging and consultancy services. Stephanie has spearheaded the family business into a new era in aged care through innovative assisted living products and technologies. During her time spent in Japan, Stephanie introduced new products to Hong Kong, including Japanese homecare beds, IOT enabled personal electronic vehicle/wheelchair, and softmeal for dysphasia patients, etc. In 2019, Stephanie was awarded the “Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur” (GBAOWEA), as well as Ageing Asia Alliance’s “Global Ageing Trailblazer of the 7th Eldercare Innovation Awards.” Stephanie was invited to speak at “The China International Forum on Ageing” organised by China AID in 2018. Stephanie holds a Bachelor Degree in Asian Studies and Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master Degree in Real Estate General Practice Surveying from the University of Hong Kong.

Operated and managed by Culture Homes, Forward Living is a senior living community for people aged 60 or above and those in need. Forward Living strives to transcend the traditional care model. We are committed to providing a continuum of care and promoting more positive and active lifestyles for golden agers, retirees and elders who require care. ​

​Stephanie will be sharing about the visions and missions of the new project, and how innovative products and care model can be applied to empower a person-directed approach in the new age of senior living.