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12 November 2020, 08:30 AM

Care Cinema Japan (Dementia Elderly Care Part 2 Movie – English Subtitles)

A talk by Care Nin 2

Introduction: Since its premiere in 2017, Care Nin, Thank God You're Here has been played around the world with more than 1,300 showings in Japan and abroad. Now, three years later, the original staff members and main cast return to the screen in Care Nin, The Flower in Your Heart!

The story begins just as protagonist Kei Omori, played by Junki Tozuka, leaves his previous job to begin working at a large-scale nursing home.

This nursing home is one of the largest care facilities in Japan. The work environment for a caregiver like Kei is entirely different here. This nursing home has numerous residents and many of them live with serious medical conditions. this is a second act filled with love and emotions, as Kei clashes with the other staff members as they all search for a way to make the residents and their families happy.