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Ageing Asia Start Up Pitch Stadium

A talk by Ms Yasuko Akutsu, Mr Shahar Figelman, Mr Federico Folcia, Mr. Ivan Goh, Ms Maryanne Harris, Mr Jim Hazel, Mr Stephen Johnston, Mr Daniel Jue, Dr Arthur Jue, Michelle Lee, Dr Meng Hui Lim, Ms Rebekah Lin, Mdm. Low Mui Lang, Ms Kat Neo, Mr Paul Nurflus, Ms Julianne Parkinson, Mr Tomas Posker, Mr Stephen Roux, Ms Parul Seth Khanna, Mr Kenneth She, Dr Kelvin Tan and Prof Kenny Tan
MT Health Care Design Research Inc., Selfit Medical, Crane, QuantumTX, tappON, Ingenia Communities Group, Aging2.0, LiveFreely, LiveFreely, I'm Soul inc, SmartPeep Pte Ltd, The Social Co, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home, Timeliss, bestBrain, Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Oscar Senior, Dragon Tree Capital Australia, pinBox Solutions, Humansa, Singapore University of Social Sciences and St Luke's ElderCare Ltd

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About this talk

The 1st Ageing Asia Ageing Tech Start-up Pitch Stadium will showcase startups with demonstrated business model implementations (Min. 12 months operational) in Asia Pacific that are focus on preventive healthcare and successful ageing.

Moderator: Mr Stephen Roux, CEO, Dragon Capital, Australia

Programme: 1:30pm Welcome by Janice Chia

1:40pm Welcome by Start Up Pitch Stadium Moderator Mr Stephen Roux, CEO, Dragon Capital, Australia

1:50pm Ageing Asia Start Up Showcase (Non-competing start ups)

Global Ageing Academy | Talent Identify | ASPIRE55 | Vintage Radio SG

2:00pm Presentations by Finalists (Format: 10 min presentation 5 min Q&A) Start Up Finalists 1. QuantumTX - 2. LiveFreely - 3. Timeliss - 4. Oscar Senior - 5. Selfit Medical - 6. I'm Soul Inc - 7. SmartPeep.Ai - 8. BestBrain -

4:00pm Audience Q&A Panel Discussion with Startup Finalists and Judges - Moderated by Stephen Roux

5:00pm The Pink Affair, A Happy Hour hosted by Hello Care & Carepage, Australia

5:10pm Special Announcement - What is customer experience measurement for long term care facilities? - Ms Lauren Todorovic, CEO, CarePage

5:30pm Virtual Exhibitor Tour & Happy Hour Festivities

5:45pm Announcement of Start-up Winner and 5 mins remarks by CEO of GCMA - Top Prize Sponsor A$10,000 Market Growth & Acceleration Package by Global Centre for ModernAgeing (GCMA) - 2nd - 5th Prize Sponsor - Video Interview by Carepage worth A$3,000 each - The Audience Choice Live Poll Winner - My Fav Start Up Prize Sponsor by Ageing Asia - 1 X Complimentary Virtual Exhibition Booth worth S$5,000 - Congratulation remarks by CEO of GCMA - Celebration Virtual Photos

6:00pm End of programme

Start Up Judges 1. Mr Federico Folcia, CEO, CRANE, Singapore 2. Ms Julianne Parkinson, Chief Executive, Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Australia 3. Dr Kelvin Tan, Senior Lecturer (Master/PhD in Gerontology Programme)/Mentor (Venture Builder Programme), Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore 4. A/P Dr Kenny Tan, CEO, St Luke’s Eldercare, Singapore 5. Mr Lee Keng Leong, CFA, Deputy Director, Operations Outreach, Silver Generation Office Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Singapore 6. Madam Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home, Singapore 7. Mr. Jim Hazel, Chairman, Ingenia Communities Group, Australia 8. Ms Rebekah Lin, Co-Founder, The Social Co, Singapore 9. Mr Stephen Johnston, CEO, Aging 2.0, USA 10. Ms Yasuko Akutsu, CEO, MT Health Care Design Research Inc., Japan 11. Mr Kenneth She

Judging Criteria - E-Judging Form will be provided to to Judges Innovation and Industry Disruption (20%) Evidence of innovative advances in product / service / application / adoption etc. Potential to disrupt the relevant industry Value proposition Score: 1 - 5 (5 being the highest score possible)

Market Potential and Business Model (20%) How will the idea generate revenue? Competitiveness, barriers to entry, first mover advantages etc. Unit economics and scalability Score: 1 - 5 (5 being the highest score possible)

Team Background and Strengths (20%) Capabilities and expertise to execute the business plan Passion, ambition, vision, culture Score: 1 - 5 (5 being the highest score possible)
 Traction and Further Development Plan (20%) Operation and financial metrics, milestones and achievements since inception Forecast and product roadmap Market research on target audience and pilot tests Score: 1 - 5 (5 being the highest score possible)

Social Impact on Asia’s Ageing Population (20%) Contribution to wellbeing of elders How will you utilise Asia Pacific to expand the business? Evidence of existing or future operation plans in Asia Pacific  Score: 1 - 5 (5 being the highest score possible)

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Ms Yasuko Akutsu

Graduated the master program at the University of Tsukuba graduate school of Environment science. She joined GK industrial Design Institute, engaged in marketing research of product and urban development master plan. Ms Yasuko started MT Healthcare Design Research Inc. In 2012, MT Healthcare Design Research inc, is a company specialised in a health care design, product design , system design, ux design, business design. She start working as Assistant Professor of Chiba University Hospital on 2019, 10 for planning Medical innovation human resource program.

Mr Federico Folcia

Federico Folcia is the founder of Crane, a community and social space for the active aging demographic. He is also the founder of Powerhouse, a business and digital innovation firm that helps companies navigate the challenges of operating in a new, digital world by leveraging latest technologies such as Big Data, IOTs and Blockchain. Prior to Powerhouse, he was the CEO and co-founder of Roomorama, a travel-tech company based in New York. He also worked for Bloomberg LP and Brunswick Group both in New York and London. Federico is passionate about the social impact of technology and is obsessed with how it can be harnessed for good. He is currently applying his skills and experience in technology and community-building in the area of active aging and silver generation, through Crane. Federico Folcia is the founder of Crane, a community and social space for the active aging demographic. He is also the founder of Powerhouse, a business and digital innovation firm that helps companies navigate the challenges of operating in a new, digital world by leveraging latest technologies such as Big Data, IOTs and Blockchain. Prior to Powerhouse, he was the CEO and co-founder of Roomorama, a travel-tech company based in New York. He also worked for Bloomberg LP and Brunswick Group both in New York and London. Federico is passionate about the social impact of technology and is obsessed with how it can be harnessed for good. He is currently applying his skills and experience in technology and community-building in the area of active aging and silver generation, through Crane.

Mr. Ivan Goh

Ivan Goh is the CEO of QuantumTX. His passion is to realise the commercial value of new technologies and has spent more than a decade working with university professors to realise the commercial potential of their inventions. He has helped spin-off half-a-dozen technology companies to date, including various other medical devices. As a technologist he’s most excited about QuantumTX’s ability to turn on mitochondria, which has been growingly implicated in aging and age-related chronic diseases. He hopes to make this platform accessible to elderly everywhere, allowing seniors to further reap the benefits of exercise without stress or strain, and live more active, healthy and independent lives.

Mr Jim Hazel

Jim is non-executive Chairman of Ingenia, an ASX 300 Australian listed seniors’ housing business. Ingenia is pioneering an innovative affordable seniors’ housing solution in Australia, using manufactured housing in (former) tourism parks. He is a long time participant in the seniors’ housing sector in Australia; as a banker supporting operators at Adelaide Bank where he was Chief General Manager, and at the publicly listed Primelife Corporation, where he was Managing Director when the business was reconstructed and recapitalised, and ultimately sold to Lend Lease Group. As a well respected thought leader in Australia, he has been a regular presenter at Industry conferences, particularly on financial matters. He is also Chairman of Omega Communities, a private group investing in the retirement villages in Australia, and a director of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited, which is a major lender to the sector.

Mr Stephen Johnston

Stephen Johnston MBA is co-founder of Aging2.0 a global innovation platform for aging and senior care, and of the Innovation Leaders Fund, a global equity fund focused on innovation. He is co-author of Growth Champions (Wiley, 2012), a book about sustainable corporate growth. Stephen serves on the board of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), and Music and Memory, 501c3 nonprofits focused on improving the quality of life for older people. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

Mr Daniel Jue

Daniel Jue serves as Co-founder & CTO of LiveFreely, Inc. He has over 20 years of experience in emerging technology and professional software development in companies such as IBM. A selftaught programmer, he wrote his first computer game at the age of 8 on a Radio Shack TRS-80 with only 4k of RAM. Having lived and worked abroad for ten years, he can speak several languages. He has a deep passion for entrepreneurialism and has started several companies in the tech, import/export, and hospitality industries. He loves serving his community and exotic car racing.

Dr Arthur Jue

Dr. Arthur L. Jue serves as Co-founder & CEO of LiveFreely, Inc. He has an extensive background as a serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, educator, and author. He has provided senior leadership at technology companies such as Oracle, IBM, Hyperion, Tectura, and Twilio, and has been a consultant in the health and life sciences industries to companies such as Danaher, Molecular Devices, ForteBio, and McKesson. In addition, Dr. Jue is an award-winning independent film producer, enjoys rock-collecting, is an artist, performs frequently as a concert violinist, and enjoys Latin dancing as well as martial arts.

Michelle Lee

Michelle found her calling after discovering the power of music technology to transform lives. Music is primal, universal and drug-free yet many cannot access its full healing power due to old age, illness, disability, or having no musical background. Her social enterprise I’m Soul inc has since touched many lives: individuals, caregivers and the community. A passionate leader with 30 years of corporate experience driving strategy and ground breaking initiatives. She has an MBA from University of Western Ontario, Canada and a business degree from Victoria University, New Zealand. For her contributions to innovation and excellence, she was awarded Outstanding Activist by the Singapore Public Service Commission in 2012. Her dream: a more compassionate and inclusive world. Her enablers: Music and Technology.

Ms Rebekah Lin

Rebekah Lin is Co-Founder of The Social Co., the team that initiated the 50 For 50, Pledge It Forward and Samsung Power To Progress movements over the last 5 years. Together, the team brought together more than 100 individuals, 90 corporations and more than 250 partners to raise awareness and approximately $5 million for more than 50 lesser-known charities in Singapore. Rebekah has hosted a documentary on the state of healthcare in Singapore for Channel News Asia and has worked with the good people at Doc Society and InDocs to bring GoodPitch, a platform that brings documentary filmmakers and changemakers together to create change, to Asia in 2017. In 2019, Rebekah was chosen as a fellow for the Singapore International Foundation’s Arts for Good fellowship program. Rebekah has recently completed her MSc in Gerontology at King’s College London.

Mdm. Low Mui Lang

Mdm Low is the Executive Director of Peacehaven Nursing Home and Peacehaven Bedok Multi-Service Centre, both run by The Salvation Army. Peacehaven is the largest nursing home in Singapore, with a capacity of 401 beds. The dementia specific facility Mdm Low set up there to allow early to moderate dementia residents to live as independently as possible was awarded the Ministry of Health’s ExCEL Award 2010 Best Innovative Project 2nd Prize. She also spearheaded the setting of a Transitional Convalescent Facility at the Home to provide lower-intensity rehabilitation for elderly patients after their episodes at an acute hospital before they are discharged home. Both these facilities are the first of their kind in Singapore. She was also instrumental in the setting up of an Integrated-Care-in-Place programme at Bedok Multi-Service Centre to delay institutionalisation of elderly clients and allow them to remain in the community. The programme’s success prompted the health authorities to select the Centre to run the Singapore Programme for Integrated Care for the Elderly (SPICE) pilot programme. Under her leadership, Peacehaven is also the first nursing home to implement IngoT, an IT system with a full clinical suite, to increase productivity and efficiency in nursing home management.

Ms Julianne Parkinson

Julianne Parkinson was appointed CEO of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing in April 2018. Previously, Julianne was the Executive Director of the Office of the Economic Development Board, an independent advisory body to the South Australian Government on economic issues and initiatives. It was in this role that Julianne led the Ageing well program of work including the idea creation for the Shaping the Future of South Australia – Ageing Well program conducted in 2016 – an initiative to better understand and change the perception of ageing an entrepreneurial challenge focused on the new sector market 2017 and the Ageing Well Revolution International Conference held in Australia in 2017 (including the nation wide entrepreneurial challenge) and she co-authored the blue print strategy for the creation of the first dedicated Australian based, Modern Ageing Living Laboratory. Julianne has more than 25 years’ experience including executive leadership of developing and leading large scale sector development roles with global financial and management consulting firms KPMG and EY, including Regional Director of strategic growth markets. Julianne has undertaken project across South East Asia and specialises in strategic planning, business development and complex stakeholder engagement. Julianne is a fellow and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Director of Brand South Australia and a Board Member of the UniSA Post-Graduate Advisory Board.

Mr Stephen Roux

Stephen is managing director of investment advisory and venture firm, Dragon Tree Capital which is active in Africa, Asia, Australia and North / South America focused on mining, leading data driven technologies and property development. Stephen has lead property and infrastructure financing projects including the award winning $230m Triptych Living residential in Victoria and various other projects. Previously, Stephen was a Director of the Australian Institute of Management (Vic/Tas), Stable Properties, and continues today as a member of YPO Pan Asia Chapter, Network Chair YPO South East Asia Global Diplomacy Network, and Vice-Chair of ADC Asia 100.

Mr Kenneth She

Kenneth She is the Chief Executive Officer of Humansa, the flagship healthcare, ageing and wellness brand under New World Development (17.HK). Kenneth joined the Humansa team in 2018, with the vision of creating a holistic platform to provide quality elderly care, rehabilitation, wellness, health prevention and home care services in Hong Kong and China with the use of big data, IoT and innovative technologies. Prior to joining Humansa, Kenneth was the General Manager of Uber Hong Kong and the first employee of the team since 2014. Kenneth started his career in investment banking, covering real estate, gaming, and the education industry. Kenneth graduated from the University of Oxford with a Master’s degree in engineering, economics, and management.

Dr Kelvin Tan

Gerontechnology, Corporate and Startup Innovations, Mentor and Entrepreneur.

Prof Kenny Tan

A/Prof Kenny Tan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of St Luke’s ElderCare in August 2016. Established in both clinical and healthcare management, his previous role as Chief Operating Officer for St Luke’s Hospital and St Luke’s ElderCare, had brought the community hospital and eldercare centres capacity growth through infrastructure redevelopment and new services. His approach in putting the patient and client first continues to make an impact on the service culture and care delivery in St Luke’s ElderCare. As a performance driver, he continues to be instrumental in bringing about an increase in services, programmes and innovation projects. In his personal time, A/Prof Tan participates in overseas humanitarian work since 1997. He received the prestigious Healthcare Humanity Awards in 2016.

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