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20 November 2020, 05:50 AM

Ageing Asia Facility Tour - Korongee – Glenview, Australia

Glenview - Korongee

Rather than institutional living, Korongee provides a small house model and a tailored matching process which will lead to increased social engagement opportunities and enhanced wellbeing for residents. In collaboration with the University of Tasmania, Glenview has developed a questionnaire which will guide this matching process.

The questionnaire results match you to the most appropriate household that is most reminiscent of what you value most.

Life at Korongee mirrors the community surrounding it, with each house being situated in one of four quiet cul-de-sacs which make up the village, looking just like a typical Tasmanian streetscape.

The unique design of Korongee, and the way its residents are cared for, is centred on evidence that suggests small house living as well as connections with recognisable sights and natural spaces, can have a huge impact on overall happiness, health and wellbeing.

Because of this, the landscape of Korongee reflects dementia design principles, providing residents with multiple visual cues to help them easily find their way around the gardens and village grounds.