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17 November 2020, 10:00 AM

AAIF Global - Start Up Open Mic

A talk by Ms Janice Chia and Mr Stephen Johnston
Ageing Asia Pte Ltd & Aging2.0

Speaker expertise

Singaporean entrepreneur Janice Chia founded Ageing Asia Pte Ltd with the mission to drive innovation in the way future generations age, by engaging the business community to create better products and services that will enable healthy ageing, independent ageing and dignified ageing. Janice has accumulated her vast experience from visiting over 400 residential and aged care homes from over 15 countries. Since 2009, she has been actively involved in consulting organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market. Janice is also quoted regularly in the media, such as the BBC, on Asia Pacific business trends in ageing. The BBC interview clip can be viewed here - Influenced by the changing needs of her elderly relatives, and inspired by higher expectations in quality of life of the baby boomer generation, Janice firmly believes that social challenges of ageing can be transformed into economic opportunities for Asia. Her vision is to change the way we age in Asia Pacific, and move towards an ageing-at-home world where older adults age in better health, desire independence and aspire towards ageing with dignity. Ageing Asia is Asia’s first ageing market consultancy social enterprise that identifies trends and economic opportunities in the business of ageing in Asia Pacific. Specialising in strategic partnerships, market intelligence and industry training, Ageing Asia brings together business leaders, government and community leaders to access Asia Pacific’s US$3.3 trillion silver industry.

17 November 2020, 6pm (Singapore Time) Join the upcoming Start Up Open Mic at the World Ageing Festival, jointly hosted by Janice Chia, Chapter Co-Ambassador, Singapore and Stephen Johnston, Co-Founder, Aging 2.0. 

RSVP Free Ticket for Chapters (Includes access Start Up Open Mic and full 23 days live events) A20CHPT100

Format Start Up Open Mic Introduction Session jointly hosted by Ageing Asia & Aging 2.0 Welcome by Janice - 10 mins Welcome by Stephen - 10 mins  Open Mic for Start Ups - Each Start Up that raises their hand will be given 3 mins to tell the audience about who they are and what they do. They can share one slide. Start Ups who would like to participate will need to rename themselves with the name of their start up in the following format so that we can easily identify them and provide speaker status during the zoom session. Format: Startup Name Country

About the World Ageing Festival  Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival (2-25 Nov) is the region’s most influential platform on the business of ageing. The festival is the biggest international ageing month, offering virtual and in-person experience with three main features - Ageing Asia Innovation Forum and Exhibition, Future of Active Ageing and Future of Eldercare Operations.  23 days of content, 180 speakers, 35 countries and over 170 session - Presentations, Performances, Facility Tours and more.