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16 November 2020, 07:15 AM

AAIF Global - Playful Technology for Care Rehabilitation, Denmark

A talk by Prof Henrik Hautop Lund
Professor & President, Entertainment Robotics - Moto Tiles

Speaker expertise

Professor Henrik Hautop Lund, Center for Playware, Technical University of Denmark, is World Champion in RoboCup Humanoids Freestyle 2002, and has more than 200 scientific publications. He has developed shape-shifting modular robots, presented to the emperor of Japan, and has collaborated closely on robotics and AI with companies like LEGO, Kompan, BandaiNamco, Microsoft for the past two decades. Together with international pop star and World music promoter Peter Gabriel, he has develop the MusicTiles app and MagicCubes as a music 2.0 experience to enhance music creativity amongst everybody, and used for stage performance during Peter Gabriel’s tour. He has invented to the patented Moto Tiles for playful prevention and rehabilitation among seniors with significant clinical evidence of effect on physical and cognitive abilities of the seniors.

We create playware in the form of intelligent hardware and software that creates play and playful experiences for users of all ages, including seniors. Such playware technology acts as a play force which inspires and motivates seniors to enter into a play dynamics, in which they forget about time and place, and simultaneously increase their skills - cognitive, physical, and social skills. A prime example of this is the modular interactive tiles system, Moto tiles (, which is designed as an alternative form of physical training to allow seniors to break away from monotonous training programs, and participate in an exercise that is fun and exciting, and therefore more motivating. Qualitative studies show that therapists and seniors find the training with modular interactive tiles fun and highly motivating. Importantly, scientific clinical effect studies have shown that training with the Moto Tiles has a large effect on the functional abilities. It is shown that playful training gives significant health effects with substantially less training sessions than what is needed with traditional training methods. For instance, balancing test scores increase with 150% among seniors (avg 83 yo). Further, brain scanning and cognitive tests give evidence to the increased cognitive performance of people from playing on the Moto Tiles, thereby granting the Hitachi brain science mark. As exercise creates stronger and bigger hippocampus and pre-frontal cortex, effective exercising has protective effects for the brain against neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer, and general cognitive decline with ageing. Further, utilizing a Big Data and AI approach, we developed a novel playful method for screening people for potential physical and cognitive shortages, and for automatically generating personalized training protocols for the individual by selecting and providing the right Moto Tiles games for the individual to play to improve the underperforming abilities. The suitability of the method was tested in an effect test with seniors with dementia at a care institution in Denmark.