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Ms Lisa Burnage

Ms Lisa Burnage

A seasoned, certified corporate coach and facilitator turned online school creator and midlife activist, Lisa loves to help people learn how they can transform their own midlife with humour and compassion. She’s on a mission: how we can make our middlescence (midlife + adolescence) something we look forward to, embrace and live consciously. Rather than dread, deny and live mindlessly... In December 2016, on a camper van trip along the Great Ocean Road in Australia, it hit Lisa hard that she’d been muddling badly through the past 6 years' of midlife and that she needed to take action. Despite her lovely family, cosy home and pretty OK work something was missing. In fact, she wasn’t a happy camper when it came to her life! So she decided to go on an o.R.g.y, as she named it: an oldies ReEnergising gap year!, The year turned into 3,5 years, and Lisa’s still researching and experimenting how we can make midlife suck less and rock more! Whilst working her corporate gigs, she launched her blog life begins at 40 o.R.g.y in 2019. Then came the COVID-19 lockdown and a ReInventing idea. And so The School of Midlife came into being July 2020. Community is at the heart of The School because we believe nobody should be spending so many years of their life struggling in silence on their own to figure this midlife and ageing stuff out. We can do it together. Me-help starts with we-help! On a professional note Over the past 20+ years in Europe and Asia, Lisa’s taught and coached thousands of leaders and their teams about how to improve their leadership and teamwork through quality conversations. She believes when we have quality, two-way conversations we create stronger relationships, which in turn generate better results. Both for ourselves and with others. Both personally and professionally. With a dual BA (Hons.) in European Business Administration and Diplom BWL, she is a MBTI© and NLP Master Practitioner, as well as an ICF accredited coach with certifications in corporate mindfulness and laughter yoga facilitation. On a personal note Born in the Summer of Love, Lisa’s a lover, mother, wife (of the lover), polyglot, meditator, fan of Doc Martens and all things black, liberated empty nester, green tea & gin-swigging Brit based in Singapore since 2006.

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