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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ageing Asia - World Ageing Festival 2020?

Ageing Asia presents of 23 Days of Global Knowledge Exchange - The first World Ageing Festival, a hybrid edition of our annual Ageing Asia platform with a curated showcase of virtual activities will be held from 2 - 25 November, leading up to the main live show that will be held 24-25 November in Singapore. We will welcome over 5,000 international participants from over 35 countries, feature over 150 speakers, celebrate the eldercare innovation awards, showcase facility tours and profile a curated exhibition showcase of the world’s top 100 products that will enable successful ageing - Home & Community Care, Fun Rehab, Assistive Living & Age Tech, Finance & Lifestyle, Seniors Housing & Care, Active Ageing & Dementia. Festival fringe activities include performances by global active agers, start up competitions, talks on the future of ageing and eldercare operations. 

What happens to the annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF)?

We got bigger! More Creative! And we present you a Re-Invention of AAIF with 23 Days of Global Knowledge Sharing. Think of it as AAIF UP-size. More sessions - 170 across the Future of Active Ageing Seminars, Future of Eldercare Operations, Ageing Asia Innovation Forum, plus 50 Active Ageing performances with our new feature - "Ageing Has Talent!"

What is a hybrid event?

The Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival is a HYBRID EDITION: LIVE & VIRTUAL. A hybrid event is an event that takes place in a physical venue, while also being attended by a live and interactive audience online. Such a format enables activating both consumer and professional audiences.  

Festival attendees will enjoy a variety of digital interactions including the Industry Networking Business Matching App, options of up to 170 sessions and 50 performance to choose from and enjoy the freedom of watching the sessions Live or accessing replays in your own time.

Partners that choose to go HYBRID with Ageing Asia allows you to MEET OBJECTIVES of educating and gaining awareness during this period. Join us to Start building and raising your BRAND relevance and mindshare.

The 10 year history of the Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) Re-invented as Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival

Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) is an international B2B iconic platform on the sustainability of ageing, held annually in Singapore that connects business, government and community leaders to discover and collaborate on social and economic opportunities driven by our regions’ ageing population. Showcasing the world’s most innovative models of health and care that will improve quality of living and happiness of older people, AAIF looks to drive the message of Healthy Ageing, Independent Ageing and Dignified Ageing, and foster positive perception on ageing.

AAIF is produced and organised by Ageing Asia, and is part of the International Ageing Week in Singapore hosted by Ageing Asia. 2019 marked the 10th year milestone for Ageing Asia and AAIF. Ageing Asia’s vision is to drive PPP within the industry, and through industry innovations to inspire the development of better products and solutions that will improve quality of life of older people in our region. As a home grown Singapore social enterprise, Ageing Asia aims to showcase Singapore’s capabilities in health and care on the global stage, and foster knowledge exchange between health and care professionals in Singapore and global experts. 

About Ageing Asia, the organiser and producer of the World Ageing Festival

About Ageing Asia Pte Ltd (Social Enterprise) Since 2009

Ageing Asia is Asia Pacific’s first industry network on the business of ageing. We are an independent business network that seeks to unite business, government, not-for-profits and mainstream media in Asia Pacific together to address opportunities to support the ageing baby boomer population by nurturing partnerships and curating development of solutions.

Our key activities include:

- Organising global ageing industry training and development (Conferences, Study Tours, Masterclasses, Webinars)

- E-Learning Academy (Global Ageing Academy)

- Business Matching (Products and Services in Ageing Sector)

- Research (Asia Pacific Silver Economy)

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