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10 November 2020, 08:00 AM

Care Cinema Japan (Dementia Elderly Care Part 1 Movie – English Subtitles)

What is a "Care Nin"? It refers to anyone who is involved ― with pride, love, and passion ― in the field of care, such as caregiving, nursing, and medicine.


Frequently associated with the image of the "3D's ( Difficult [kitsui], Dirty [kitanai], Dangerous [kiken])", care work is both a physically and mentally demanding profession. But long-time care workers are proud to claim that there is no other job that is as rewarding as theirs as it lets them engage with people, heart-to-heart. The film Care Nin Thank God You're Here..[ The carer: I'm grateful that it was you] pieces together the stories shared by Otagai-san (Aoi Care Co., Ltd.) of Fujisawa City in Kanagawa Prefecture and 30 other care facilities, technical schools, and organisations. The film portrays the meaning of work that care workers find through their profession and the preciousness of the connection between people and the community. Every line in the film is a reflection of real experiences faced in the field of care work.