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06 November 2020, 01:00 AM

AAIF Global - Care Operator Think Tanks

A talk by Dr The Honourable Ching-choi Lam SBS, JP, Mr Patrick Tsang, Ms Janice Chia, Mr Herman Kwik, Ms Stephanie Law, Mdm. Low Mui Lang and S Devendran
Elderly Commission, Hong Kong SAR, CEO, Haven of Hope Christian Service, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong Housing Society, Ageing Asia Pte Ltd, RUKUN Senior Living, Culture Homes & Forward Living, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home & Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home

Speaker expertise

Dr. Lam Ching-choi is a specialist in paediatric and community medicine and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Haven of Hope Christian Service. Under his leadership, Haven of Hope Christian Service is one of the pioneers in the provision of holistic care for the elderly in Hong Kong. He is a non-official member of the Executive Council of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He also serves as the Chairman of the Elderly Commission to advise the Government on the related policies. He is also the Supervisory Board Member of the HK Housing Society. Dr. Lam has been honored by the HKSAR Government with the Justice of Peace in 2003 and Silver Bauhinia Star in 2019 respectively. In 2018, apart from receiving Honorary Fellowship from Lingnan University, he was also given the Ageing Asia Global Ageing Influencer Award (Special Recognitions) for his devotion to public services and his influence on policy-making for the global ageing trend.

AAIF Global - Care Operator Think Tank

Chairman: Dr The Honourable Lam Ching-Choi, SBS, JP, Member of the Executive Council, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region The People’s Republic of China; Chairman, Elderly Commission, Hong Kong SAR; CEO, Haven of Hope Christian Service, Hong Kong SAR

This think tank aims to provide a platform for care operators to share and provide feedback on technology adoption, implementations and future wish list. What is the wish list for care operators on care robotics of the future? Product developers can tune in to find out the needs of the care sector and this will help with product innovations. Operators are invited to speak, everyone else is invited to attend and listen. Q&A will be open to all participants.

Speaker Participants Ms Stephanie Law, Managing Director, Culture Homes & Forward Living, Hong Kong SAR (Operator) Mr Herman Kwik, CEO, RUKUN Senior Living, Indonesia (Operator) Mr S Devandran, CEO, Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home, Singapore Mr Patrick Tsang, General Manager - Planning & Development, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong SAR (Operator) Madam Low Mui Lang, Executive Director,The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home, Singapore (Operator)

Programme: 9:00 Welcome by Janice Chia and Introductions

9:10 Presentation by Dr Lam: Gerontech observations and future demands by ageing population

9:30 Each speaker has 5 mins to introduce their name, key area of responsibility and share about the top 3 technologies they have implemented in last 12 months

10:00 Proposed Discussion Topic for Operators with Dr Lam leading the Q&A Purpose to create a wish list for technologies by the end of the session and allow vendors to learn what operators need Q1: What is the role / gaps for care robotics in facilities? Q2: What is the role / gaps for care robotics for home care? Q3. Pre-submitted Questions by Panelists 11:30 Q&A open to all participants 1215 Summary by Dr Lam, Janice will type out the wish list summary for circulation 1230 End of programme